Corporate Wellness Program

With health care costs rising at an alarming rate, more and more companies are investing in onsite wellness programs. Corporate Wellness Programs tend to improve overall employee morale, which leads to a more energetic, positive and productive workplace. Employee turnovers are reduced and there is a dramatic drop in health care costs. Productivity levels also increase as healthy employees make more productive employees.

The problem with most corporate fitness programs is that they usually attract only a few of the most dedicated people and they generally fail to provide sufficient educational or instructional support.

TaylorMade delivers instructional training and support that empowers your employees to take control of their fitness efforts and achieve tangible and measurable results. The well-established corporate benefit, in terms of productivity, morale and corporate enthusiasm, will be significantly greater than with a more traditional program by inspiring a greater number of people to become involved in a corporate sponsored health and fitness program.

Our Corporate Wellness Programs include:

  • Health and fitness consultations
  • Comprehensive fitness assessments
  • Nutritional evaluations and planning
  • Coaching and personal training
  • On-line Coaching
  • Corporate level fitness reports
  • Corporate health and fitness workshops and seminars


1) Nutritional Habits Assessment

This assessment involves a detailed evaluation of your current nutrition practices and eating habits. We will then discuss the habits that curtail progress and make recommendations for change that will help you achieve your goals through healthy eating practices.
Cost: $60.00

2) Personal Training and Coaching

These programs offer:

  • Hands on personalized training
  • Structured training programs
  • Measured progressive results
  • Motivational and emotional support

Rate Schedule:
$75.00 per single session
$240.00 4 session program
$420.00 8 session program
$600.00 12 session program

3) Comprehensive Fitness Assessment

A 1 ½ to 2-hour consultation during which we conduct a basic health and exercise history, we will review and conduct a series of tests and measurements, including cardio vascular capacity evaluation. We also offer sport specific ( i.e. golf, football, baseball, soccer, tennis, basketball, etc…) or goal specific capacity measurements which can be used for progressive re-evaluation.
Cost: $100.00

Contact a Greenwich personal trainer to ensure that your training is up to par!

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