Historical Overview

The mission of the Springfield Museum of Art is to collect, exhibit and preserve works of art for the benefit of all individuals, while encouraging the education and participation in, and the enjoyment and appreciation of the arts.

The Springfield Art Association was organized in 1946 by a group of concerned artists and citizens who felt a need for a visual arts facility in the community. Beginning in 1946, exhibitions were held, first in the buildings of supportive area businesses, and later in leased gallery spaces, until 1967 when the first component of the present facility was built. In 1951, the organization was able to offer art classes to both adults and children.

In December, 1952, the Association was formally incorporated. During those years, workshops were held with nationally recognized artists. When the Association was able to erect its own building in 1967, it was designed for the express purposes of exhibitions and educational programs. At that time, it was determined that a permanent collection of art objects would foster interest in the visual arts, as well as encourage excellence in the work of students enrolled in classes. The name was changed to the Springfield Art Center.

Museum Membership Program

Individual and Family Memberships

An individual or family membership in the Springfield Museum of Art offers a variety of annually renewable membership categories. All members receive the basic benefits listed below.

Benefits of Individual and Family Membership

  • Free subscription to the bi-monthly “Museum News” newsletter
  • Free subscription to the quarterly Museum Art School “Schedule of Classes”
  • A members-only invitation to all Special Exhibition Previews
  • An invitation to the annual Art Ball
  • 10% discounts on Museum Gift Gallery items and Facilities Rentals
  • Discounts on Museum Art School classes
  • Reduced admission to the monthly “Cliff Rock Friday” music fests

Patron and Benefactor Memberships — Additional Benefit

·  A Reciprocal Membership in other Ohio museums.

Springfield Museum of Art

Museum Special Events

To assist you plan your museum activities, a monthly calendar of events sponsored by the Springfield Museum of Art can be accessed above. Persons wishing additional information on a specific event or copies of event-specific flyers prepared by museum staff should contact the Museum Office at (937) 324-3729.

Art & Entertainment

Cliff Rock Friday

Live classical, jazz or rock music with free pizza and drinks, and docent-led tours of the museum.The second Friday of each month from 6 to 10 pm.

Lunch on the Lawn

Musical entertainment by the Springfield Symphony Orchestra during the month of September on Fridays from 11:30 am. to 1:30 pm. Brown bag lunches and drinks available for purchase.

Family Day

A Sunday afternoon of fall family fun that combines art activities for each member of your family with group tours of the permanent collection.


A Friday evening in October offers live music, bratwurst and sauerkraut, and beer tasting.

Events for Young People

August Art Camp

One full week in August of theme- related art projects, lessons and explorations into art history for young people ages six to twelve.


Fourth graders in the city and county school system are treated to docent-led art presentations at their school and an art project as well.

Art after Dark City and county students participate in docent-led evening activities in the museum art galleries and art school.

Modern art
The modern art collection provides a varied overview of developments in the fine arts since the early 19th century. Charley Toorop’s piercing eyes and Floris Verster’s bowl of eggs are flanked by works by leading foreign artists, including Picasso and Monet, plus an extensive collection of German Expressionist pieces. This helps to place Dutch examples of the Realist and Symbolist schools and the De Stijl movement in an international context. Outstanding features in the collection are the Hague School paintings and a marvellous series of works by Mondrian, ranging from moody Dutch landscapes to the sparkling Victory Boogie Woogie. As a whole, the collection traces the thrilling story of modern art – right through to today. A few of the works in the collection are described below. The list is constantly being extended. 

Please note:
Items described on the site may not always be on display in the museum.

Benefits of Membership

Join Us

Founders Society

The Cincinnati Art Museum recognizes donors who support the institution with annual gifts of $1,000 or greater through membership in the Founders Society. This prestigious group is made up of community leaders, both new and long-term friends of the Museum, art lovers and those who give with a sense of civic pride. Since its founding in 1987, the Founders Society has been dedicated to supporting the CAM as one of the best museums in the nation by providing unrestricted operating funds. The CAM relies on these dollars to maintain our most important activities, including the development of special exhibitions, the delivery of educational programming and the ongoing care of the Museum’s permanent collection.

Over the past year, membership in the Founders Society has grown to a record high of 355 memberships. Members enjoy exclusive privileges, including receptions with nationally acclaimed guest speakers and artists, special previews, and national and international travel opportunities.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Founders Society, please contact Christa Flueck, assistant director of individual giving, at (513) 639-2962 or cflueck@cincyart.org for more information.

Founders Society Benefits

Founder ($1,000 to $2,499): Fair Market Value of Benefits $130

  • Invitations to two exclusive Founders-only formal cocktail receptions
  • National travel opportunities with the director
  • Opportunities to attend museum receptions, lectures and other special events
  • Reciprocal memberships at 88 museums across the country
  • Annual Report and a catalogue of a selected special exhibition
  • All the regular benefits of CAM membership

Patron ($2,500 to $4,999): Fair Market Value of Benefits $230

  • All of the Founder benefits listed above plus,
  • Invitation to the annual gala black-tie dinner
  • International travel opportunities with the director

Benefactor ($5,000 to $9,999): Fair Market Value of Benefits $280

  • All of the Patron benefits listed above plus,
  • Free consultation in your home by curator or conservator
  • Copies of all Special Exhibition catalogues

Director’s Circle ($10,000 plus): Fair Market Value of Benefits $335

  • All of the Benefactor benefits listed above plus,
  • Invitation to an intimate dinner in the galleries hosted by the Chairman of the Board
  • One discounted rental of Museum

Join Us

Volunteer Support Groups
All Volunteer Support Groups can be added on when you purchase a membership.

Women’s Committee
Major activities include a variety of fundraising activities and events. Members of the Women’s Committee are invited to attend special luncheon/lectures, programs and day-trips.

Duveneck Association
The Duveneck Association, comprised of professional men and women, organizes special fundraising events and assists with the annual membership drive. The committee meets monthly for lunch and private tours of the Museum’s collection.

Donald P. Sowell Committee
The Sowell Committee features one major event each year and also supports Museum exhibitions, programs and events. The Sowell Committee works to promote involvement and enhance the interaction of the African American community with the Cincinnati Art Museum.

The Renaissance Society 
A group for young professionals, The Renaissance Society supports the Cincinnati Art Museum by organizing fundraisers and offers educational opportunities for its members. Joining the society costs $50, which includes regular Museum membership.

Educational and Service Volunteer Groups
To apply for placement in any of the volunteer positions listed below, call the Volunteer Office at 639-2964. Upon receipt of your application, an interview will be arranged to discuss your interests and the current volunteer opportunities which may be available. Please note that not all the volunteer positions listed below have current openings but may have openings in the near future. To volunteer, you must first be a Cincinnati Art Museum member.

Departmental Volunteers
Departmental Volunteers perform an essential service by completing a variety of tasks in the various Museum departments. Computer work, research, fundraising and clerical work are just a few of the opportunities available to Departmental Volunteers.Docents
Docents are volunteers in the Education Division who are specifically trained to present tours and educational programs to Museum visitors. Docents also take education programs into schools and other community sites. For information about the Docent program, call the Education Office at 639-2971.

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Be True

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More Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can I call to get help with installations?

A. If you have any questions about installing the system yourself, please call our Customer Service hotline. If you need someone to do the installation for you, our recommendation is to go to your favorite search engine and type in “Yourtown’s name handyman service” and you will be sure to find help.

Q. Damaged or missing components?

A. If you are not completely satisfied with the condition of your Storage System, please call our Customer Service Hotline or send us an email. We will send you replacement parts free of charge.

Q. Which units are most suitable for my garage?

A. Our Storage System is great for almost any garage.

Q. Will my garage door be able to clear the system?

A. Our Garage Storage System is completely adjustable, so it can be installed in almost any garage under almost every condition. You need at minimum of 19 inches for proper clearance.

Q. Can I buy your Storage System for NJ self-storage?

A. This product is only available exclusively through our website

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