One of the drawbacks of even small group tours with your friends is that you have to consider everyones’ needs and interests. This can lead to sacrifice and compromise for some and maybe missing out on that really neat place you heard about and wanted to visit but no one else was interested in going to.

Self-Drive tours and st lucie guided taxi tours are not only more affordable for singles or couples but also offer you the opportunity to be totally selfish and do what you want to do , when you feel like doing it , for as long as you like! By using the contacts and up-to-date information provided by Adventure Dives SA, you only have to deal with one contact to plan your trip.

Our South African Tourism Services Association (SATSA) accrediation means you can rely on us to ensure that your bookings are confirmed with and deposits are paid, to bona fide operators that have been approved by us as quality suppliers of services. Itineraries are flexible and you can pay as you go.

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