Here’s a handy checklist of things to take along when you’re planning on taking a youngster fishing. These items along with a lot of patience and understanding from the parent, will help make for a most enjoyable adventure for everyone. Please remember one important note, a youngster’s safety and comfort should be of utmost importance — after all, this is a training session for a potential lifelong fishing partner.

  • Life jacket — This is a must when taking a small youngster near the water. We strongly encourage parents to have their youngsters take swimming lessons as early as possible.
  • Sunscreen — Sunscreen is also a must. One bad sunburn during childhood can double the risk of skin cancer later in life. Use it, and use it often.
  • Insect repellent — Always a good idea to have on hand. Mosquitoes and other stinging, biting bugs love areas around the water just as much as kids do.
  • Sunglasses — It’s been proven that the proper sunglasses can help protect people’s eyes from dangerous sunrays, especially youngsters’ tender eyes. It also helps reduce glare off the water, making visibility better.
  • Fishing tackle and bait — We strongly encourage you to use the proper sized tackle for a child’s small hands. Get some expert advice to help you pick out the right equipment. For bait, start young anglers off using worms and a bobber!
  • Snacks and drinks — Never take a youngster fishing without some munchies and something to drink. Something about being outdoors seems to increase young appetites.
  • Ice chest / cooler — Very important, especially during the summer. This is really great for keeping the drinks cool . . . and the worms alive!
  • Cap or visor — All kids like to wear a cap or visor. It’s cool . . . and it keeps the sun out of their eyes and off their foreheads.

First Aid kit — A first aid kit is of utmost importance to always carry with you. We strongly recommend Johnson & Johnson First Aid Pocket Pals™. Keep them handy in your car or tackle box. They’re wonderful for scraps and scratches.

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